Club History

The Optimist Club of Roseville was chartered as one of 2,500 clubs in 1992. Our motto is "Friend of Youth".

On numerous occasions I have been asked how did the Roseville Optimist Club begin. . . The answer can be simply put into one name, our very own Optimist leader, Lou Koss. l was attending a charity event one evening and ran into Lou, whom I knew through her many efforts in dedicating her time for charitable events. We began talking about this group she met with at 7 AM called the Clinton Township Optimist Club and invited me to attend a meeting for the purpose of establishing a club in Roseville.  After personally witnessing the truly dedicated people to becoming "Friends of Youth", I knew this was something Roseville had to have. Lou and I then began discussing how to begin such a wonderful club and the rest is history. I have been called the "father' of the Roseville Optimist Club. I accept this label with great pride and humility for it is the members of this club that make it one of the most successful undertakings I have ever been involved with in my life.
Harold L. Haugh
Charter President